April 14, 2017


Your safefty
I have been in business for over 7 years,and never once heard a client ever had a legal problem due to ordering from us.we work hard to ensure your safety.

we guarantee that all products we send are premium quality: clean,tasty and potent with high THC levels.

we guarantee that all orders are shipped securely and discreetely .we use vacuum-seal to eliminate smell.

Delivery time
we send virtually all orders via EPS within 1-2 business days of recieving payment .Usually people recieving their orders within 4-5 days business of our recieving
payments .Occationally shipping will take a few days longer due to supply issues or other factors .It may also take a few days longer for mail delivery
if you live in a rural area..

Delivery Guarantees
In the very event that your product doesn’t arrive we will usually replace some or all of your order once for free .if the resend also does not make it then any further attempt are at
my discretion only and not guaranteed.this is very rare.